'guts and glory ... unflinching, unmissable truth'


We were lucky to have a fabulously talented artist amongst us to call upon to design the cover image. Jane Burn gave us four images to choose from and together the editors Rebecca Bilkau and Gill Lambert along with Jane herself, chose the one which is becoming the thing which identifies our book to everyone who searches it out. We are so excited to have such a powerful image to become a beacon to everyone who reads the anthology. Here is Jane's wonderful explanation about how she designed it: 

'I loved doing the fairy tale imagery with a bloody twist - I thought of this because of the amount of myth that surrounds our bodies. Sort of a Red Riding Hood but instead of her trademark cloak, she is stripped of such a cover of shame and her cloak is now a red flood behind her. I also wanted to draw her as a strong women, planted squarely to the ground, facing what she has to face as we all do. I turned her away so that we can all picture our own versions of what she is feeling, what expression her face is wearing, as we all have our own feelings and interpretations of our experiences. And yes, the trees have a certain....ahem...tampon cum totem look about them - and in her basket - are they roses? Or rolled up sanitary protection? I seem to have had them in every bag I have owned since the age of twelve and I won't be the only one who won't leave the house unprovided for. I didn't want to shyly allude to it. I wanted guts and glory honesty and unflinching, unmissable truth.' Jane Burn